Main - Аппарат фототерапии фототерапевтический облучатель для лечения желтушки новорожденных КУРС-ФН-01


Registration certificate is
№ FSSPH 2009/05157 from 24.02.2014 г.

About company

KURS Research and Production Company Limited Liability Company (NPK KURS LLC) conducts its activities in the production and maintenance of medical equipment.
The production base of LLC NPK KURS allows to develop and produce a wide range of medical equipment in demand in maternity hospitals, perinatal centers, emergency and medical pediatrics departments, intensive care units, in outpatient institutions for the treatment of neonatal jaundice throughout Russia and other countries.


1 – irradiator;
2 – mechanism for changing the angle of the irradiator;
3 – mechanism for regulating the height of the irradiator in the rack;
4 – tripod;
5 – wheel;
6 – base.

Terms of use:
working hours - round-the-clock, not requiring breaks
ambient temperature from +10 to + 35 ° С
relative humidity from 45 to 80% at a temperature of plus 25 ° C
atmospheric pressure from 86 to 106.7 kPa (from 650 to 800 mmHg)


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